Student Experience in Estonia- Gaganmeet Singh

My journey to Estonia was majorly based on my interest in entering the field of research, particularly in Financial analysis and the wonderful feedback about Estonia’s people I got from my wife who once visited Tartu for a traineeship program.


Frankly speaking, I didn’t know much about Estonia. All I knew was that it was a part of the Soviet Union and then developed its own identity after gaining independence. I was warned about the freezing temperatures. Yet, I was all ready to explore this nation, which is now one of the best places oriented towards research activities in many fields. I wanted to be at a place where I get the recognition of being different and always feel motivated. I spoke with a few alumni of TUT and they were pretty positive about the curriculum and the faculty in TUT. The fact that TUT is the oldest and the largest public university in the capital city, Tallinn and the most international university in Estonia (37% of all international degree students studying in Estonia, study at TUT) really motivated me to apply. I wanted to do my masters in business with a specialization in finance and TUT offered me that opportunity. I wanted to get involved in the research of exploring asset management techniques and exploring portfolio valuations and I could find professors who have worked in the same sector in TUT. . Fortunately, I got admitted to TUT and it has been a great journey for me so far.


Student life here is pretty colorful, events taking place now and then, I have heard many people saying that there is no day in Estonia without a party , so the place is full of enthusiasm and fun. I also found many organisations that promote co-curricular activities to add up to the academic life of a student. Unlike India , Tallinn has a fantastic Transport system that connects every corner of the city and you don’t have to think twice even late at night while going for an outing 🙂  . I have been here for the last 7 months and it’s been a dream journey.
Gaganmeet Singh
from India (Delhi)

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