A glimpse of the TUT International Dinner

Ever wanted to be in many places at once? Really wanted Indian food but the Italian wouldn’t sound bad either?

Well, the cosmopolitan evening at the TUT International Dinner offered the full package. Hosted by Erasmus Student Network (ESN TUT) at the TUT student house, it was a perfect representation of the international students here at Tallinn Tech. Our students from Czech Republic, Germany, France, Nigeria, Poland, Turkey, Slovenia, Bangladesh, Palestine, China, and Italy allowed us to have a taste of their countries by bringing their delicious, traditional dishes. Many of them were dressed up in traditional outfits, made short, funny videos that gave us a glimpse of their culture, and later took the stage with some unique dances and songs.

By only paying 4/5 Euros, our students had the world in the palm of their hands. The night ended with the Nigerians winning first place for making our stomachs full and moods high, and Bangladesh and Spain followed by taking second and third place by doing nothing less than that.

Check out the pictures taken by ESN TUT, and make sure to not miss out on the next one if you haven’t yet experienced it. And even if you have, I can tell you from my own experience that each one only gets better and better 😉



-Anastasia Mgaloblishvili


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