Emerald Forest Simulation

A kind of gaming experience that looks no less than a real life scenario and I am not sure whether we can call it a simulation. A simulation that demanded in many ways, from planning of activities to working in a team of international participants, management of tight deadlines to demanding being highly creative throughout the game. I happen to be a part of such a simulation experience that was held at Tallinn University of Technology from 7th to 10th April. The game was a part of our study course “Business to Business Marketing” and it really made us learn a lot. Emerald Forest is a great pathway to the complex world of management issues of a company’s problems, failures and mismanagement that appear frequently in the media and students often do not realize why or how errors arise, apparently obvious affairs are overlooked or trivial matters become inflated into major crises.

This simulation game is designed to make all those things tangible and I think it succeeds tremendously. Piece by piece the participants learn how individual business areas are inter-connected and how ‘thinking outside the box’ is often necessary to deal with a particular issue successfully. The tasks included developing a strategy for the hotel, preparing a trade fair, analyzing the competition, responding to crisis, generating press releases, developing promotional material and advertising the hotel using social media, as well as, making financial decisions that will contribute to profit maximization. All in all you tend to believe in one thing for sure after the simulation ends that it is not that easy to run a business (hotel in this case), you have to think way too different in order to achieve success.


In my team there were six people including myself from India, three from Estonia and two from Finland. The team members jelled together as a management group and managed all the tasks efficiently. We couldn’t win though, but, what was more important was that we were among the best teams that participated. It was an experience to cherish and remember all life.

– Gaganmeet Singh


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