What to do during summer vacations?

The holidays are here, and one of the most important questions is what am I going to do? what are my plans? what we want to do is to take the time to the fullest by making a wide range of activities, from the most extreme like camping and climbing mountains to the quietest as meditation and personal reflection. In this post you will find some depending on your personality and interests choices.

Thank goodness because the holidays have arrived! It has been a long journey; assignments, group projects, presentations, competitions, exams, etc. actually we ended up tired and stressed and now, all we want is to run out and change routine.

How to leverage your time? if you are a passive and an analytical person, these are your options:

The Intellectual

We have heard so many times the phrase: “Time is money”, some people can take this time to enhance their professional skills, why not? It is a good idea! You can start by learning a new language, taking Summer school courses or specialized trainings depending on your professional area (painting, music, art, technology, etc.), preparing your next business plan, what if you reinforce that complicated lecture you took the last semester?

The reader

Books are an excellent source of knowledge, the more we read, the more we know and develop our personal creativity, at this point your brain will never be the same. I don’t mean with this to  read a Finance book or Molecular Chemistry book during vacations, for example, you can read novels, self improvement books, chronic, bakery or sewing books, romantic or science fiction books, etc. the most important thing is to enjoy your lecture and let your mind blow up. Personally, I am reading Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, by J.K. Rowling.

The spiritual and reflexive

Mom always says: “You have to settle down”, “It is time to grow up”, it may sound too annoying but maybe we had really bad experiences in the past and you realize that now is the time to change. I recommend you to visit places you have never been before, maybe a trip to a very different country, or simply why don’t you visit places in the countryside, appreciating new people, cultures and even an amazing view in the ocean or the mountains, will make relax and think about your personal life. Loneliness is not so bad, enjoy your very intimate time with yourself and then you will discover your needs and dreams, your virtues and also your defects. At the same time, some of us will prefer to take time to increase our religious faith by praying.

For the ones that have so much energy and “get bored “easily, this is what you can do to activate your body:

The adventurer

If one of your goals in life is to visit as many countries as you can and experience extreme activities, this is for you. I have friends that have , exactly the next day after the last exam at school taken an airplane, train, bus or even bicycle and traveled around the world and ,usually they have really interesting stories to tell. You can do the same, having an adventure in the sophisticated and charming Europe, or the warm and exciting America, what about Asia? the nature of Africa? …definitely, I want to hide from everything in Australia, whatever…just have fun.


The athlete

Come on, summer is here and you want to be in a great shape. During classes most of us don’t have enough time to go to the gym or practice any sport, now is the time, the weather is perfect, why don’t you take that tennis course that you always wanted to take? Why don’t you enroll yourself in any of the local gyms? or simply just go jogging by the sidewalk with a lovely view…there are different motivations, for a healthy or aesthetic reason, the point is to get out of your room and start moving.

The photographer

Did you see an unusual, weird or beautiful moment? Make it last forever and take as many pictures as you can. No matter if you are a professional or a beginner, I am sure that we have many good stories to share with our friends and family with just a picture. You can go around, visit historical places, theaters, parks, lakes, beaches, why not a restaurant and post that special day in social media.


Now I have showed you some options, I recommend you to make a mix by choosing a passive and active activity, sometimes we want to escape from the books and feel the adrenaline by hiking in the forest but also it is necessary to speak to ourselves and improve our personality. What I don’t recommend you is to stay at home watching movies, playing video games or hibernating like a bear during summer, seriously? Also remember that whatever you do, don’t forget to have good company with your friends and family.

Good luck!


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