Tallinn Food Festival 2016

Summers in Estonia are short but every moment under the very rare Sun is celebrated and cherished. It never gets dark in Estonia in the summer. During the Summer months the location of sunlight never moves far enough from the curvature of the Earth to fully render nighttime. So there are wonderful activities and fairs that you would come across these days and I am here to talk about one such happening.

Food matters more and more to people with different nationalities exploring different options to satisfy all their taste buds. This is evident in simple things. In Estonia, we see this in the accelerating street food movement, the number of new top restaurants, the expanding product range of the food industry, the appreciation for ecologically clean food, the tens of thousands of people who visit Open Farms Day, the dozens of food festivals during Estonian Food Month and the increasing number of visitors and exhibits at Tallinn Food Fair. I am one of the 8000 people who visited Tallinn Food Festival on 11th June this year. Being Indian and a vegan, I felt ecstatic to see so many food-trucks offering Indian dishes, particularly vegan platters. I was accompanied by my wife and ever smiling 3 Estonian friends of mine who live next to the building where I live.

While entering the fair grounds a wristband was given to us and in exchange for the 1 euro they took from us which was eventually going to the charitable trust in Tallinn. We started with visiting ‘Vegan Restoran V’ which was the best of the lot. It served us delicious vegan roll which wasn’t as expensive as I thought it should have been. Then there was a ‘Mango-Lassi’ serving food place, I was astonished to see Estonians serving a typical north Indian drink. The fair also had many artists who performed some mesmerizing acts and stunts which we usually see in a circus. The fair had a special section of poets and writers who invited people to listen to their phenomenal writings and they were so welcoming to any suggestion/advice that the people had for their work.


There were 500 top chefs from Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia that made this event a huge success. Among all the wonderful memories I have from being a part of such a vibrant culture , this one just served as a cherry to it.

Here is the Youtube video of the event : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lZRUGjBBug



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