9 social media accounts you should follow

Getting to know about Estonia is a slow, exciting process; but in the age of social media it is now so easy to learn about everything and everywhere. The following pages are interesting sources of information about everything that happens in Estonia and at the university, and they will hopefully help you understand and love this country. But if you are not a Facebook fan, don’t worry, all of these accounts have their own webpage.

1. TUT Student Ambassadors

tut ambassadors
Picture taken from TUT Student Ambassadors’ Facebook page

You are reading this, therefore you know that this blog exists :). We are a group of international students, just like you, so we’d like to think that we have some experience in the field of moving to Estonia ;). Our main purpose is to give you helpful tips for what to do and where to go before and during your studies in Estonia through this blog, a Facebook page and a Facebook group. So contact us, ask us questions and send us your comments and suggestions!

2. Tallinn University of Technology International

Picture taken from TUT’s Facebook page

Here you can find the most relevant information about the university. There is always something going on at TUT, and this page will keep you up to date with all the events, conferences, workshops, special lectures, etc. If you haven’t applied yet to TUT, then here you can find information about info sessions, deadlines and application procedures.

3. Visit Estonia

visit estonia
Picture taken from Visit Estonia’s Facebook page

Not everything in Estonia revolves around Tallinn; there are several nice places you can visit during your studies here. The official tourist information website of Estonia provides a lot of information like events, places to eat, how to get to other cities, and places to see in all regions of the country. Popular cities to visit are Tartu, Pärnu, Saaremaa and Rakvere, but take a look at VisitEstonia and check for yourself all of Estonia’s hidden gems.

Also, every week VisitEstonia “lends” its Snapchat account to a different person living in Estonia and as part of the Orientation Days, on September 1st the TUT Ambassadors will be the ones posting pics there, so make sure to follow its account!

4. Study In Estonia

study in estonia.png
Picture taken from Study in Estonia’s Facebook page

It offers a lot of information about Estonia, mainly about how to study here but also about many other topics ranging from a facts about the country (its size, population, currency, climate, etc.) to useful information for newcomers like healthcare, cost of living and accommodation. You can also find links to the scholarships offered depending on your level and subject of studies.

5. Work In Estonia

work in estonia.png
Picture taken from Work In Estonia’s Facebook page

Unlike many other European countries that make it almost impossible for foreigners to get a job, Estonia is actually trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone to work here. Proof of that is the platform Work In Estonia where companies post their job offers for everyone to see. So if you are planning to work during (or after) your studies, take a look at this page from time to time. You’ll be surprised by how many job offers there are and how much Estonia has to offer!

6. Estonian World

estonian world
Picture taken from Estonian World’s Facebook page

This online magazine publishes newsworthy articles about Estonia in a wide range of topics like politics, art, history, events, business, etc. Everything is written in English as it mainly appeals to expats. Many of its contributors don’t even live in Estonia, but provide a nice overview of their country and what is going on in it. Highly reccommended site.

7. ERR News and ETV

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-26 a las 11.42.39 p.m..png
ERR News’ Facebook page

ERR is a public radio and television broadcaster, which also has a news website. If you are interested in the daily news of Estonia, take a look at the English version of ERR. The articles are usually very short and only provide basic information, but other than Estonian World, this is probably the only other source of news in English in Estonia.

ETV is the television branch of ERR and you can watch it online for free. Most of the content will be in Estonian, but if you want to learn Estonian you might want to practice trying to understand what they say :). Or you can watch the American movies or series that they sometimes transmit. Or if you speak Russian you can watch the channel ETV+, which is entirely in Russian.

8. Culture.ee

Picture taken from culture.ee’s Facebook page

This website contains information about all the cultural activities that take place in Estonia, such as exhibitions, concerts and festivals. It has a very useful calendar in which you see what events you can attend in a certain date or range of dates.

9. President Toomas Hendrik Ilves

Captura de pantalla 2016-08-26 a las 11.34.59 p.m.
President Ilves knows how to deal with trolls 🙂 (Picture taken from The Huffington Post, link here)

Not for nothing is President Ilves sometimes referred to as the “Twitter president”. As the leader of the country known for adoring the internet, it is no surprise that he is quite active on social media. His Twitter account usually features links to interesting articles (written in English) and his Facebook page includes mainly descriptions and photos of his daily meetings and gatherings (unfortunately most of them in Estonian). What’s interesting about it is that his posts feel genunine, written (or at least foreseen) by him and not by his assistants. Estonia will elect a new president in the following weeks, but I’m sure it will be interesting to see what he is up to after he leaves his post as he will for sure still be a relevant figure in Estonian society.


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