The Tallinn Service Guide: Shopping Malls

Have you finally arrived to Tallinn? Congratulations! Now it’s time to fill your fridge and get all the stuff you need to make yourself feel at home. In this new series called The Tallinn Service Guide we will give you information about where to find most of the things you need to live a happy life in your new hometown.

Shopping malls

One of the things that surprised me the most about Tallinn was the huge number of shopping malls considering it only has 400,000 people. Basically each of its administrative districts has its own shopping mall; Estonia is actually ranked third in Europe in terms of shopping space per inhabitant. Here is a list of the most popular ones and in the end of this post you’ll find a Google map where all their locations have been pointed out.


Captura de pantalla 2016-09-05 a las 11.30.00 p.m.
Picture taken from Magistral’s webpage

While this is the smallest mall of the list, I would say that you can find 90% of what you need there, and it is also the closest to TTÜ. It has a small Rimi supermarket, banks, electronics stores, a second-hand shop, a pharmacy, a cosmetics shop, an alchoholic drinks store, a stationery store, a post office, shoe shops and a couple of clothes stores.

Mustamäe Keskus

mustamae keskus
Picture taken from Mustamäe Keskus’ Facebook page

It is also a relatively small shopping mall, but it has many of the basic services like a Rimi supermarket, a pharmacy, a cosmetics store, a shop of organic products, a bookstore, a sportsclub, a cinema and a few restaurants.

Kristiine Keskus

Picture taken from Kristiine Keskus’ Facebook page

This one is also close to TTÜ and it is quite big: it has about 170 shops. There is a huge Prisma supermarket, a lot of clothes shops like H&M, Levi’s and New Yorker, a big bookstore (Apollo), a couple of restaurants, banks, electronics, and coffee shops. This is the mall I usually go to as its location is quite convenient if you live close to TTÜ or the city center and it has most of the stuff  you might need.

Viru Keskus

Picture taken from Viru Keskus’ Facebook page

Also known as the end station of trolley #3, this shopping mall houses 129 stores, including the department store Kaubamaja and the biggest bookstore in Estonia: Rahva Raamat. Most of its stores sell clothes ranging from the affordable ones like Zara to more high-end brands like Armani and Calvin Klein. There’s also a supermarket called Kaubamaja Toidumaailm, but it’s expensive, so I wouldn’t advise you to do your weekly shopping there.

“Estonian Student at Kaubamaja”

By the way, the GIF above was taken from the very funny, highly reccomended Estonian Moments webpage. It’s no longer active but take a moment to look through the archives, it’s pure gold 🙂

Rocca Al Mare

rocca al mare
Picture taken from Rocca al Mare’s Facebook page

A huge shopping mall I only went to once because it is too far from TTÜ and not very close to the city center either. It is very similar to Kristiine Keskus (owned by the same company, actually) so there isn’t really any reason for you to go there unless it’s close to where you live. It has about 170 stores, including a big Prisma supermarket, Marks & Spencer and lots of clothes stores.

Ülemiste Keskus

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-05 a las 11.42.02 p.m.
Picture taken from Ülemiste Keskus’ webpage

This mall located next to the airport is probably the biggest shopping mall in Estonia. It really is huge: it has a big Rimi supermarket, dozens of stores of all kinds, restaurants and even some cool thematic rest areas. The only downside to it is that it does feel far away from the city.


Picture taken from Stockmann’s Facebook page

This Finnish department store which also has its own small supermarket is probably the most expensive in Tallinn, so your student budget might not like going there unless you want to buy something for a special occasion.


Picture taken from Solaris’ Facebook page

I have personally never gone shopping there and it is mainly known for its cinema and food court, but this place also has a big bookstore, a few clothes stores, a store of organic products and an Apple retailer.


I’ve created a map in Google for you to check out where they are located, click here to see it.

Captura de pantalla 2016-09-06 a las 12.10.08 a.m..png

Once again, welcome to Tallinn!



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