Light Walks (celebrating the end of Summer)

Whether you have already been to Kardiorg park or not, the upcoming event “Light Walks” is the perfect excuse for you to go there next Thursday, September 15th. It’s a festival that takes place every year where people gather in Kadriorg to celebrate the end of Summer with gorgeous lights, picnics and friends. The event begins at 7 pm with some concerts, there are a lot of people hanging out, having picnics or enjoying a glass of wine with their friends.

But the best thing to do, in my opinion, is to just walk around the park after it gets dark and enjoy the view of thousands of candles spread all over the place, as well as the colorful lights that illuminate the buildings, the trees and the Swan Pond. It really is a nice event that culminates at around 11 pm with lots of fireworks.

So instead of being sad about the end of the lovely Summer and its weather, get together with your friends, pack some food and go enjoy this awesome night. Besides, this is a free event so there really is no excuse for you not to go 🙂 .

Below you can see a few pics I took last year and at this Facebook event page you can check out the whole schedule for the night.









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