The Tallinn Service Guide: Bookstores

Have you finally arrived to Tallinn? Congratulations! Now it’s time to fill your fridge and get all the stuff you need to make yourself feel at home. In this new series called The Tallinn Service Guide we will give you information about where to find most of the things you need to live a happy life in your new hometown. 


I love books. It makes me sooo happy to get a new one on my hands, smell it, open it for the first time, put it on my shelf with all my other beloved books. I have tried really hard not to buy too many, particularly because I still don’t know if I will stay in Tallinn after graduation, so if I don’t, they will be hard to transport to my new location. But sometimes I just can’t resist. Like that one time when I bought a book about Pirita (upcoming post about that place soon) that I borrowed from the TTÜ library but liked it so much I ended up buying a copy for myself.

I know books aren’t really everyone’s priority, and fortunately the library at TTÜ has virtually every book you might need for your studies so you don’t need to buy any for school, but if you like to read during boring bus rides or at home during the Winter months accompanied by a cup of coffee and a blanket, here is a list of bookstores you can check out.

Rahva Raamat

Picture taken from Rahva Raamat’s Facebook page

Even if you don’t plan on buying anything, this bookstore is such a pleasure to visit. They have a huge selection of books, CDs (does anybody still buy CDs?), gifts and stationery. This is probably where you will find the biggest selection of books in English; they also have a lot in Russian and even a few in other languages like German, French and Spanish. My absolute favorite (and the biggest one in the Baltic countries) is the one located on the third and fourth floors of Viru Keskus, where there is also a nice café called La Muu. And it’s not just me who likes this bookstore, it was chosen as one of the best four bookstores in the world by the London Book Fair this year. They have another bookstore at Rocca al Mare shopping centre and a smaller one at Pärnu mnt.


Picture taken from Apollo’s webpage

This Estonian chain is quite big as well. Its biggest bookstore is located on the first floor of Solaris Centre; they also have one at Kristiine shopping centre, and another one at Ülemiste. It has a somewhat wide selection of books in English and Russian as well, and if you’re lucky you may find a couple of books in other languages too. They also sell CDs, movies, stationery, school supplies and board games.


Picture taken from Allecto’s Facebook page

I have to say that I never went to this store, but my former Estonian teacher told me this is where we could probably find the biggest selections of books in English, so I believe her 🙂 . (Address: Juhkentali 8).

Tallinn Central Library

Picture taken from Tallinn Central Library’s webpage

Granted, this is not a bookstore, it’s a library. But my Estonian teacher also recommended me to take a look at what they have at the Department of Literature in Foreign Laguages. I never did, though, as I have bought enough books already, but maybe you can be a more obedient student than me and follow my teacher’s advice to see what you can find there :). (Address: Estonia pst 8).





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