The Tallinn Service Guide: Cinemas

Have you finally arrived to Tallinn? Congratulations! Now it’s time to fill your fridge and get all the stuff you need to make yourself feel at home. In this new series called The Tallinn Service Guide we will give you information about where to find most of the things you need to live a happy life in your new hometown. 


Tallinn may seem like a small city, but surprisingly (and fortunately for movie lovers), it has its fair share of cinemas. Most of them offer the latest Hollywood blockbusters, but there are also a couple of artsy cinemas where you can find other less mainstream, indie movies. So whatever your preferences in films are, you will certainly find good alternatives.

There is also this awesome international film festival that takes place every November in Tallinn called PÖFF, and many of the cinemas from this list show the selected movies. They have subtitles in English as well as in Estonian so you don’t need to worry about the language. Last year I went to see a Taiwanese and a Mexican movie and it was really nice, I wish I’d had more time to watch some more. I will write more in depth about it as the date approaches, but keep it in mind if you like this kind of events.

The following is a list of all (I think) the cinemas available in Tallinn. I have to admit that I have been only to a couple of these so I don’t have a huge amount of detailed information about each of them, but I hope this list is still useful for you.

Forum Cinemas

Picture taken from Forum Cinema’s Facebook page

Address: Hobujaama 5 (Coca Cola Plaza).

This cinema has huge rooms so it is a cool place to see action movies and it is very conveniently located next to tram and bus stops, so it is easy to reach it regardless of where you live. Prices of 2D movies vary between 5,9 and 7,6 euros, depending on the day and time (3D movies also available with higher prices).

Apollo Cinema

Picture taken from Apollo Kino’s Facebook page

Address 1: A.H Tammsaare tee 104a (Mustamäe shopping centre)

Address 2:  Estonia pst 9 (Solaris centre)

If you read our bookstore guide, you might remember seeing the name of this company on that list as well; that’s because Apollo has both bookstores and cinemas. They usually play commercial movies and the rooms are quite new. There is one cinema at the Solaris centre and another one at Mustamäe shopping centre, so if you live at TTÜ’s dorms, this is the closest one to you. Their prices vary between 5,77 and 7,54 euros for 2D movies, also depending on day and time (3D movies are a bit more expensive).

Kino Artis

Picture taken from Kino Artis’ Facebook page

Address: Estonia pst 9 (Solaris centre)

This cinema has just two rooms (with 181 and 72 seats respectively) and, as you may have guessed by its name, it plays artsy movies from all over the world. Many of them have been shown on prestigious film festivals or directed by acclaimed directors so if you prefer more indie films instead of Hollywood blockbusters, this is the place for you. The only downside to it is that movies are shown in their original language with subtitles in Estonian or Russian, so that might limit the amount of options you are able to watch (and understand). Prices vary between 4,5 and 6,5 euros.

Kino Sõprus

Picture taken from Kino Soprus’ Facebook page

Address: Vana-Posti 8 

Kino Sõprus’ motto is “to keep its fists clenched against the onslaught of mass culture that treats its subjects as statistical consumers”, so definitely don’t expect the latest superhero movie here :). This art-house cinema has only one room (and a bar inside!) for 210 people where it shows both classical and contemporary non-mainstream films. It has been located in a unique building for more than 60 years, making it the oldest cinema in Estonia. Their prices range from 4,5 to 6 euros.

Kosmos IMAX

Picture taken from Kosmos’ Facebook page

Address: Pärnu mnt 45 

Kosmos shows the latest commercial movies just like any other regular cinema, but it is also an IMAX cinema so you can watch many of these films on this super cool format (they claim to have the largest screen in the region). Prices go from 5,7 up to 11,90 euros, depending on time and day, but also on whether the movie is in 2D or 3D and if it’s in the IMAX room or in a regular room.




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