Exporing Tallinn: The TV Tower

Tallinn is so much more than its Old Town. There are several cool places to go to and Autumn is the perfect time to do so: it isn’t too cold yet, there aren’t too many tourists anymore and final exams are nowhere to be seen yet. In the series Exploring Tallinn we will show you some of the places you shouldn’t miss!

The Tallinn TV Tower is an incredibly tall building standing rather lonely in the middle of the forest in Pirita and it offers a very cool view of the whole city.


For the Moscow Olympics of 1980, Tallinn (which was by then part of the Soviet Union) was chosen as host of the sailing competitions. So in order to transmit the TV signal of those events, a TV Tower was commisioned as part of the infrastructure required for that occasion. Construction began in 1975 and it was finished just in time for the Olympics in 1980.

How cool is the view of the tower’s shadow reaching houses that are so far away?

It was until 2007 when it was decided it desperately needed a renovation, especially to comply with safety standards. It was reopened in 2012 and it now houses an observation deck, a very fancy restaurant and it is even possible to do BASE jumping from there.


To be honest, the tower itself isn’t that pretty, especially when it is compared with its much prettier sister in Riga. Some people say it looks like a UFO stuck on a pole and well, yes, it kinda does. It can’t deny its brutalist, Soviet past.


BUT! the view from the observation deck is very cool, especially with clear skies. I went there in October of last year and I got lost on my way there so I arrived later than I expected. And fortunately I did because I got to see this amazing sunset from there.



I then went again during Winter and while the views are much prettier in other seasons, the snowy panorama was also quite nice.



So my advice is for you to go there as soon as possible because the clearer the skies, the better. The entrance isn’t that cheap (6 euros with student card), so if the weather forecast doesn’t look that good, then I’d say it’s better save it for another day. Also take into account that if you live in Mustamäe, it will take like an hour to get to the TV Tower, it is quite far away from there.



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