PÖFF: The Black Nights Film Festival

If you are a movie fan, then this will interest you. The Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), is a very cool event that takes place in Tallinn every year where many films from all over the world are screened. The Festival ends with a closing ceremony where the best movie is chosen and awarded.

Picture taken from POFF’s Facebook page

This year, PÖFF will take place from the 11th to the 27th of November in Tallinn (and Tartu). Most of the cinemas of these cities are involved in the festival and will screen movies from, among other countries, Colombia, Ireland, Turkey, UK, US, India, Croatia, Israel, Philippines, Mexico, Russia and Iran. All of them have subtitles both in Estonian and in English (except for the ones that are already in English, of course), so you don’t have to worry about the language of the movies.

Another special thing about it is that the directors are present during the screenings and when the movie ends, there is a Q&A session where audience members get to interact with them and get some more insights about how the movie was made and what the creators think about their own work.

Finally, on the last day of the festival, the Closing Ceremony and Award Gala takes place at the Nordea Concert Hall and even you can attend… if you are willing to dress up and pay 15 euros for it 🙂 . If you just want to check out a couple of movies, the cost per ticket is 8 euros (or 6.5 with student card), or if you are a huge movie fanatic you can get a pass for 120 euros and watch as many films as you want. Most of the films are screened on 2 or 3 different times and places so you have the opportunity to choose when and where to watch them.

Picture taken from PÖFF’s Facebook page

Last year I went to see a Taiwanese movie and a Mexican movie and it was really nice, especially because you get to listen to the directors and interact with them.

So hurry up, check out this year’s program and buy the tickets as soon as possible because many of the screenings sell out. You can read more about all the films here and the whole schedule of the festival here. It’s your perfect excuse to get out of your home on these cold evenings 🙂 .



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